Goldfish Glypher for Ingress

Goldfish Glypher for Ingress



Goldfish Glypher for Ingress

(An unofficial Ingress app, not affiliated with Niantic in any way)

Always forget one of the glyphs? Can't quite remember the sequence for a particular glyph?

It's okay, Goldfish memory is more common than you think.

Open Goldfish Glypher
Go find a portal and do a glyph hack
When a glyph appears press the screenshot button
When it's time to put the glyphs in use the generated thumbnails as reminders (be quick, timer is running!)
Hit the red clear button to clear out the thumbnails, you can also set it to clear automatically

Settings can be accessed in the notification. Just poke the adapt glyph next to the close button
Here you can choose your faction, purchase pro, enable auto clear and start on boot.

To hide the camera button temporarily poke the notification text, and do likewise to unhide it!

Note: 4 or more simultaneous thumbnails requires a one time in-app purchase of one dolla American

Take screen shots of glyphs
Guide that shows you where all the points are in each screen shot
Can be configured to auto hide capture button when Ingress isn't open (requires app stats permission)
Can be easily hidden and retrieved from it's notification or the notification can be turned off if auto hide is enabled
You can drag buttons and screen shot thumbnails around to suit your preference.
Themes to match your faction choice (Enl, Gray, or Res)!
Uses Material Design elements

Permissions used:
Billing: used for the one time in app purchase
Run at start up: app can be configured to start up automatically, if you like.

 Goldfish Glypher for Ingress appnetsplit.glyph?from=spi-desc

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